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It’s always interesting to see how artists, scientists and thinkers imagined the year 2000. Sometimes the visions were so out there and a bit crazy (We’re looking at you 80’s sci-fi movies) but many times they were also spot on.

In 1910, the French artist Villemard produced a series of illustrations to depict his visions of the year 2000. Eeven though many pieces are a bit far fetched some of them have really nailed current technology. Considering how fast our technology is advancing who knows what we will be doing in 100 years from now.

“I know Kung-fu.”

Digitalising books and turning them into audio books you listen to on your headphones.

An architect assembling a house with the help of machines. Without the help of machines it’s almost impossible to build today’s high tech skyscrapers.

Video Conferencing/calls has struggled its way into our lives. The technology is certainly here (Apple’s Facetime) but do people always want to be seen just to answer a call?

Even though they had roller skates back in 1910 it’s still a recreational sport we practice today with the difference being advances in wheel mechanics and materials technology.

See more of Villemard’s visionary illustrations at Amphalons Flickr channel.