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This is not images from the sequel to Inception nor is the world melting. Artist Clement Valla uses Google Earth to find these incredibly surreal images by zooming in at just the right angles.

“After working as an architect and designer in the USA, France, and China, Clement Valla began using computers and digital technologies to explore formal, mathematical, linguistic and social systems. He studied the intersection between art and computer programming at the Rhode Island School of Design’s Digital+Media MFA program, focusing on issues of individual and massively collaborative authorship, and generative algorithms applied to systems of reproduction. He is interested in processes that produce unfamiliar artifacts and skew reality. Valla works within systems, applying a ‘programmed brain’ that pushes problem-solving logic to irrational ends. He has collaborated with a number of artists and architects, and his work has been shown internationally. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.”

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