Panasonic’s “Glider” commercial from 1981

Intro to a Spanish television show featuring Alejandro Jodorowsky

“I like to develop my consciousness so that I can understand why I am alive, what my body is and what I should do to work together with the plans of the universe.

I don’t like people who collect useless information and who create artificial behavior that imitates ‘important people’.

I like to respect others, not because of the narcissist deviations of their personalities, but for their inner development.

I don’t like people whose minds don’t know how to rest in silence, whose hearts judge others without end, whose sex lives unsatisfied, whose bodies intoxicate themselves without knowing how to appreciate being alive.

Every second is a sublime gift.

I like to grow old because time dissolves the unnecessary and preserves the essential.

I don’t like people who love childish lies and turn them into superstition.

I don’t like that theres is a Pope who preaches without sharing his soul with a Popess.

I don’t like that religion is in the hands of men who look down on women.

I like to collaborate and not compete.

I like do discover in all beings that eternal jewel that we can call ‘the inner God’.

I don’t like art that deifies the navel of the artist. I like art that can be used to heal.

I don’t like serious fools. I like people who spark laughter.

I like to voluntarily confront my suffering with the purpose of expanding my consciousness.”

Trailer for Kleber Mendonca Filho’s Neighboring Sounds

“We Are Always at the Beginning of Infinity” (outtake from Side by Side by Keanu Reeves)