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We Are Replicants launched early last year as a sci-fi flavoured blog focused on science, pop culture and interviews with creative and inspiring people (click here for a retrospective of our first year). It was fun, nerdy blogging with interviews we’re proud of, and we enjoyed running the blog until we just didn’t a couple of months ago.

We both wanted to focus more on our own work and our own ideas and since our ambitions have changed it’s only natural for We Are Replicants to change with us. So from now on we’ll start showcasing our solo work and collaborations between us and other artists – We Are Replicants is now our art gallery, cinema and self-published magazine.

We’ll still blog about creative and inspiring culture now and then and we might still publish an occasional interview, but now the focus is on exploring our own creativity through writing, pictures, comics, film, music and maybe something unexpected along the way.

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us,

We Are Replicants

(Is it too late to introduce ourselves? “We” are Martin Rinman and Mikael Lopez and we are We Are Replicants. What an awkward sentence. Anyway, Martin is the photographer/designer and Mikael is the writer but sometimes when we collaborate the lines get a bit blurred.)