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Dutch producer Krampfhaft was a new name to keep track of in 2011, displaying his versatile production skills on several releases, like the Spit Thunder EP that came out with a hypnotizing promo video for the title track.

(More Krampfhaft & Cassius’ video below:)

The versatility, always with a twist on familiar sounds, was also on display on the EP that first introduced me to “Krampf” (especially I Needed You at 1:02 & Makin’ Magic at 3:46):

Krampfhaft – Makin’ Magic EP

I didn’t even know Cassius (remember Feeling For You?) were still releasing music, but this clip for I Love U So (also used by Jay-Z and Kanye) proves they obviously are:

You can get the app that the clip is showcasing here – preview the choices below (I like “grills”, “grandma” and “neon” the best):

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