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Text by Mikael Lopez / Photos & design by Martin Rinman

Almost a year ago a blog appeared out of nowhere, rumours said it originated from a parallel universe or a black hole, some claimed it was part of a conspiracy plot by aliens to invade Earth. It was actually just the brainchild of the Artifical Person (pretending to be photographer/designer Martin Rinman) who convinced me, the non-human entity (using the stolen identity of writer Mikael Lopez), to join him in running a new blog called WE ARE REPLICANTS. As the first post stated, the blog would “focus on science, technology, music, art and pop culture news from all around the world” and wanted to “inspire and open your eyes to a beautiful world right outside your window” featuring interviews with “artists, musicians, thinkers and other creative people”.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done – read more below:

Back in February we started by showcasing the amazing concept art of Björn Hurri, like his Steampunk Star Wars piece featuring Leia, Boba Fett and C-3PO:

Next up was a two part interview (part one / part two) with cosmic funk queen supreme Amalia who’s just finished collaborations with future funkateers B. Bravo & Teeko and Iisijii and will be releasing her second album The Makings of Amalia later in 2012.

(Amalia also thinks you should watch science fiction drama Another Earth and listen to Africa Hitech’s 93 Million Miles album which took her “on a sonic journey to the sun and back“.)

She’ll be performing together with Opolopo in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve (more info here); this track by the pair should put you in the right mood for 2012:

Opolopo & Amalia – Sweater Funk 2012 NYE Jam

We featured some of photographer Esben Utgård’s mesmerizing pictures of the northern lights:

Our interview with Opolopo
led to him also putting together possibly our favourite exclusive mix, the Lo-, Hi- & Sci-Fi Mix that brought us to Mars and beyond. Since then he’s kept busy and released an EP under the alias Actual Proof and is currently finishing a sample cd of mixed beats and grooves for the Loopmasters label while negotiating to release a new album after next summer.

Opo’s three albums of 2011: Teeko – Light Up The Darkness / Debórah Bond – Madame Palindrome / Kaidi Tatham – Kaidi’s 5ive

His remix album Mutants (with a cool cover by multimedia artist Grems) was just released and features this great “rerub” of jazz singer Gregory Porter:

Gregory Porter – 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub)

Our exclusive FEATURED MIX series has explored techno through ∞, house through Mássoul and the afrocentech through Swingkid, providing a unique soundtrack to the blog which we want to continue expanding upon.

Contemporary dancer Mari Carrasco gave us insight into the mind of a choreographer and inspired my favorite title of the year (“Counter-Contemporary”). She and her dance company Carrasco Dance Company are currently rehearsing Baddaren, a performance aimed at children, and preparing to go on tour with their fantastic Bartolomeo piece.

Carrasco Dance Company

Carrasco still gets chills thinking about her movie of the year, Black Swan, and can’t wait to see Compagnie Marie Chouinard perform in Stockholm in just over a month:

We had a Q & A with Dagron Design about “Visualizing Music” in his poster art:

Tattoo artist Hill invited us to his Stuck Tattoo parlour to talk about, well, tattoos, while DJ Funky Loffe talked to us about music, dancing and digging for Swedish disco and funk from the 70s and also gave us the eclectic Chameleon Mix. He’s busy hosting different clubs around Stockholm, most recently the NYC>CHI>DET club, and also recently remixed NIVA with his Kings of the Universe project:

NIVA – Dirty Water (Kings of the Universe Remix)

Our last interview of the year was with fashion designer Hege Edvardsen who was just about to move to Paris where she’s currently up to all sorts of craziness – follow her on Twitter to find out more.

It’s been a great first year and me and Artificial Person would like to thank everybody who’s been involved in making it happen.