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It’s been almost two years since the Night Slugs label released it’s first EP by Mosca and continued releasing amazing music from Egyptrixx, Girl Unit, Velour (and label co-owner L-Vis 1990 as well) during 2010. 2011 hasn’t seen quite as many great releases but Kingdom’s newly released four track EP ‘Dreama‘ (the second for the label) is just that. You get “cinematic halftime”, “winding eski synths”, “a disembodied rave experience” and a Halloween theme sample – but don’t trust me, listen to it yourself:

(More Night Slugs cover art below)

Label co-owner Bok Bok’s pixelated 8-bit design for most of the label’s releases are just pure visual joy for a video game generation child like me. Is it just me or does Bok Bok have a thing for temples? Take a look at some of the highlights:

NS001: Mosca – ‘Square One’

NS003: Girl Unit – ‘I.R.L.’

NS004: Lil Silva – ‘Night Skanker’

NS005: L-Vis 1990 – ‘Forever You’

NS010: Bok Bok – ‘Southside’