High-res version

A graduate student named Arthur Nishimoto developed this game at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. First developed for a 52-inch multi-touch LCD tabletop display and then converted for this 20 feet wide multi-touch LCD screen. Wow, just wow.

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“Developed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) by MS graduate candidate Arthur Nishimoto, “Fleet Commander” explores how a real-time interactive strategy game that would typically rely on complex keyboard commands and mouse interactions be transferred into a multi-user, multi-touch environment.

Originally designed for use with TacTile, a 52-inch multi-touch LCD tabletop display, “Fleet Commander” game play has been ported to EVL’s 20-foot wide multi-touch LCD wall, Cyber-Commons.

Starting in June of 2010, I started adapting Fleet Commander to run on a 16 Megapixel LCD multi-touch wall measuring at 20-feet wide. The game easily scaled from TacTile’s 1920 by 1080 resolution to the wall’s 8160 by 2304. While most of the interface remains the same, some elements were changed to better suit a large wall environment. The most notable change was a radial menu containing ship spawning controls that could be opened anywhere on the wall by placing a palm on the touch surface.

(Via Big Shiny Robot)