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Words by Mikael Lopez & Opolopo / Photos & device by Martin Rinman

DJ, producer and beard bearer Opolopo was a man clearly fascinated by science, technology and the future (remember our interview with him a couple of months ago?). We visited him in his lab recently and asked him if he’d like to put together a mix for us touching on those themes. He seemed excited and asked us to leave so he could get to work on it immediately.

We didn’t hear anything from him for weeks so we went by his lab, but found it empty and abandoned. A couple of days ago a package appeared on our doorstep containing a mysterious device. As soon as we put it on the table it projected a holographic image of a smiling Opolopo in a futuristic outfit, a logo that said “AMZM 2111” floating in the background and a strange voice repeating a broken message over and over again:

“…a nostalgic mixtape to pop in your ironic iPod shuffle you’ve got laying around in your iShuttle Space Roadster Mark II. Galaxy hopping on a Friday night is more fun with a soundtrack from the old world. This is what pre-cyborg humans thought the future would sound like. Come visit Ars–“

The device overheated and stopped working just after a file was downloaded to our computers titled The Lo-, Hi- and Sci-Fi Mix. It was the mix that Opolopo had promised us with four exclusive edits and a preview of a new track called
Arsia Mons Zinc Mines! Could the name be related to the logo and could it be a clue to Opolopo’s whereabouts? We still don’t know, but until we find out you can listen to (or download) The Lo-, Hi- and Sci-Fi Mix (a.k.a. The Where in Space and Time is Opolopo? Mix) below:


(Tracklist below:)


Tim Blake – Crystal Presence feat. Carl Sagan

Logic System – Intro
opolopo – Arsia Mons Zinc Mines (forthcoming on Finale Session)
Tomita – The Hollow Vessel Called The Earth
Jean-Michel Jarre – Night In Shanghai
Tangerine Dream – Remote Viewing
Herbie Vs. Drexciya (opolopo Mash-up)
Chambertronica – Escher
opolopo Jr. – Mono/Poly
Africa Hitech – Glangslap
Kearley – Everything
Vangelis – I Can’t Take It Any More
Quaid – Spiritual Healing (I Need)
AD Bourke – Jj Adams
Alan Hawkshaw – Eldorado (opolopo Extra Bass & Space Edit)
Sauveur Mallia – Double Polygone
Cybernet Systems – Circuitry
Dick Hyman – Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
Giorgio Moroder – The Wheel (opolopo Hyman Drums Edit)
Mort Garson – Deja Vu (opolopo 808 Edit)
Sauveur Mallia – Synthetic Geometry
Logic System – XY
Nils Petter Molvaer – Dead Indeed feat. Carl Sagan (Tunnel Mix by Mind Over Midi)
Czeslaw Niemen – Katharsis