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From the Discovery show “How the universe works“, this video shows the size of our galaxy (Milky Way) compared to other galaxies. Pretty amazing how big some of the other galaxies are and how small our galaxy really is, which is still huge for us. 

More info about our galaxy below:

“The Milky Way Galaxy, commonly referred to as just the Milky Way, or sometimes simply as the Galaxy,  is the home galaxy of the Solar System, and of Earth. It is agreed that the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy, with observations suggesting that it is a barred spiral galaxy. It contains 200-400 billion stars and is estimated to have at least 50 billion planets, 500 million of which could be located in the habitable zone of their parent star.[12] New data suggests there may be up to twice as many free-floating planets in the Milky Way as there are stars.[13] The Milky Way is part of the Local Group of galaxies and is one of around 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe.

The Solar System is located in the Milky Way galaxy around two thirds of the way out from the center, on the inner edge of the Orion–Cygnus Arm. The Sun orbits around the center of the galaxy in a galactic year—once every 225-250 million Earth years.

The “Milky Way” is a translation of the Latin Via Lactea, in turn translated from the Greek Γαλαξίας (Galaxias), referring to the pale band of light formed by stars in the galactic plane as seen from Earth.”

360-degree photographic panorama of the galaxy.