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There’s been lots of good reasons to be a fan of Argentinian cinema this past decade (and even an Oscar winner) and now it’s time to turn the attention towards its animation. Diego De Rose’s and Wujoco Animation’s Angel Vitamina is an independent production that De Rose has been working on for years and which looks a lot more exciting than most studio efforts (excluding Pixar of course). The first trailer was released two years ago and briefly presented the basic premise of the film:

“Selenio, the guardian angel of Earth, falls dying down from the sky and is found by Julu, a teenage girl, who learns that if Selenio dies, the Earth will die with him. Now she is the only one who can stop it.”

De Rose describes the project as animated short that matured into “a universe with its own life” with potential to becoma a feature film and “a great big adventure that adults and kids can enjoy together”. Recently a new trailer/pilot was posted, expanding the story with epic proportions (and a classic creation myth):

Is it just me or do I see some
Knights of the Zodiac influences (the cartoon was pretty popular in South America back in the day)? Anyway, it’s some pretty impressive stuff and if you’re fluent in Spanish or just want to see some cool designs you can also check out the Angel Vitamina blog.

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