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This couple just wanted to relax and have a cozy picnic, but science doesn’t have time to relax! So instead they became the stars of The Powers of Ten, a film by Ray & Charles Eames “dealing with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero”. I’m not usually that into educational films from the 60s, but I was surprised at how mesmerized I was by this trip out to the universe 100 million light year away and back to a single proton at 0.0001 ångströms.

According to a comment for the clip the film is based on a book called Cosmic View: The Universe In 40 Jumps which is basically a drawn version of the film. Flipping through a book doesn’t seem quite as exciting as watching a film with crazy circus music accompanying it:

powers of ten :: charles and ray eames from bacteriasleep on Vimeo.