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French people. How can you not like them? Music produced by Grems and Klimaax, video directed by Nicolas André “neopen”.

The video is a part of Grems latest album which comes with a huge book containing 20 chapters, 17 songs, 3 remixes and 43 collaborations and also a flicker book in the same style as the video.

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“Grems- The Brokabook (ou Brokabillivre) Album + Cd

“It seems that this book is an album. It seems that this album is a book.

In this multi-media age, this characteristic doesn’t seem to surprise us. However, if our phones stay quiet when we take a picture, this book talks to us when we listen to the album. It’s even a whole speech that he launchs…

Nowadays in France, it takes a certain audacity or self-sacrifice, to propose a Rap who comes from a old-fashioned genre.
This is the new album of GREMS, edited by Edition Populaire.
After publishing his first book, he is coming back with a new project, “The Broka Billy”.

A book-album that starts in New York, continues in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Montpellier and finishes in Berlin – The Broken Beat of a broken life!

20 chapters, 17 songs, 3 remix, 43 collaborations [feat Foreign Beggars, Nt4, Bunk, Le jouage
and in Prod Dj Troubl (Fr), Machine Drum (Newyork), Opolopo (Suede), Simbad (Uk), Son of Kick (Uk),
Der dezente (Ger), Nt4 (Fr), Léonard de léonard (Fr), Night Drugs (Fr) ]

With this book and c.d, we plunge into the artist Grems-Supermicro’s world , The Broka, a mix of “Broken beats” and “Rap spé”, combined with a masterful fragmented graphic style, injected with bright colors and jerky beat. Far from the usual artistic boundaries, the artist reconciles music and graphic art and creates a feast for our eyes and ears.
Each song as it pictorial equivalent, one explains the other, the whole explains GREMS.”

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