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From TFWiki: Josh Nizzi is a freelance concept artist. A Champaign, Illinois native, Nizzi is well known among Transformersfans for his Movie concept of Long Haul. According to Nizzi, the design attracted the attention of Hasbro‘s Transformers design director Aaron Archer, who wanted him to do concepts for the then-unnamed Transformers sequel, and soon after, director Michael Bay‘s studio hired him on as a concept artist for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

His Long Haul design was the very first to be approved from any of the artists, and Nizzi was also responsible for Jetfire, the powered-up combined form of Optimus Prime and the redesign of Megatron. ForDark of the Moon, Nizzi continued Megatron’s evolution, as well as designing ShockwaveSoundwave and Laserbeak, the Wreckers and Dreads, and much, much more.

He also designed the King, which he considers to be the best design job ever. Period.”

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