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Old images from thrift store bookshelves and flea market bins, a smoky voice-over and imagination. Animator/filmmaker Kelly Sears kept it simple when she created her short The Drift in 2007. The film revisits the days of the Space Race when America and the Soviet Union were competing for dominion over the skies. Did anyone actually win? Speaking of the Cold War, one commenter for the clip wrote:

“I think this has something to do with communism/…/an ideal world that would leave people in a comatose state./…/Communism was a dream, a dream that corrupted its believers.”

I think anybody with an open mind wouldn’t find it too hard to replace “communism” with “capitalism” or even “the American Dream” and that’s the beauty of freedom of interpretation people. So keep an open mind, watch The Drift, and make up your own mind:

The Drift
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