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I am the non-human entity, the yin to Artificial Person’s yang, his shadow, the other side of the coin, the Janet to his Michael (I don’t know if that last one made any sense…). I’m kidding, I just wanted a dramatic introduction for my first post on the blog. Artifical Person asked me to help keep the blog fresh and updated while he’s busy uploading his consciousness to a new body, so here I am!

Our interview with choreographer Mari Carrasco was a first look at the world of dance and this trailer for the new 3D dance film Pina is a peek at some more contemporary dance. Pina is directed by Wim Wenders, probably best known for the beautiful Wings of Desire, and as usual with Wenders, the photography looks great. The film is based on the work of Pina Bausch, a celebrated choreographer and pioneer in her field, who died two years ago. On the official site Wenders writes:

“…after a few minutes of unbelieving amazement I simply let go of my feelings and cried unrestrainedly. This had never happened to me before… maybe in life, sometimes in the cinema, but not when watching a rehearsed production, let alone choreography. This was not theatre, nor pantomime, nor ballet and not at all opera. Pina is, as you know, the creator of a new art. Dance theatre.”

So what is “tanztheater”? Will you be as moved as Wenders? Take a look at the trailer for Pina and find out (and listen to Jun Miyake’s Lilies in the Valley if you liked the music as much as I did!):