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The Rapture came and went last weekend and we are still here! To celebrate it and to look forward for the next judgment day date watch this end of the world mega movie montage done by the video remix trio Eclectic Method.

“Eclectic Method is a trio of video remix artists who rearrange the sights and sounds of music videos, motion pictures, and video games to the thrill of live audiences around the globe. Their cutting edge remixes have served as promotional tools for global brands and artists. You can view their work online, on television, or at the club.

Eclectic Method’s live, improvised audiovisual mash-up sets feature television, film, music and video game footage sliced and diced into a blistering post-modern dance floor extravaganza.

A truly international live act, Eclectic Method have played over 350 gigs in over 100 Cities in 34 Countries on 6 continents.”