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Photo by Martin Rinman

Welcome to the premiere of the Featured Mix on WE ARE REPLICANTS! This is the first of a series of exclusive mixes by our favourite music collectors that we’ll be posting regularly on the blog. The Outland Mix by the DJ/producer simply known as ∞ explores the sounds of techno and features unreleased material by the producer.

can be a confusing term as it’s sometimes just used interchangeably with club/dance music and sometimes used to label faster, harder and darker electronic sounds. ∞ describes it simply as “music with vision”.

Download The Outland Mix a
nd find out what it’s all about!

(Tracklist below:)


Jerry Goldsmith – Outland OST
James Ruskin – Transition
Mike Parker – Untitled
Staffan Linzatti – Deception (Unreleased Version)
Jeff Mills – Untitled
Damon Wild – Untitled
∞ – Near Surface Water / Korridor
James Ruskin – Profile
Jeff Mills – As Soon As
∞ – 7th Ring
Ø Phaze – Untitled
Juan Sanchez – Paso Doble (S. Linzatti Remix)
Jeff Mills – Dateless
∞ – Back Out to View the Little
Subtractive Synthesis – Turning Point
Steve Bicknell – Untitled
∞ – Six Hour Orbit
Jeff Mills – To Protect and Obey
Staffan Linzatti – View From the Collapsing Centre (Unreleased Version)
James Ruskin – Caught in the Middle
Jeff Mills – Untitled
∞ – Søk / Naïve
Jerry Goldsmith – Outland OST