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Forget 3D-glasses and viewing a screen from a certain angle to see a holographic 3D image, with Zebra Imaging’s 3D holographic displays you can view a scene from any angle and also see the scene from the correct perspective, in high definition with a visual depth of 30 cm.

The future is here! Well, almost anyway. Zebra Imaging is getting us one step closer with their new 3D holographic displays. The display can show True 3D which means you don’t have to wear any 3D-glasses or view it from a certain angle. It will also be interactive and later be able to show full-motion.

The best thing about this is that it’s already out on the market but it will cost you a whooping 3500 dollars for their largest version. So for the average consumerist, “the future” might still be a in a galaxy far far away.

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How It Works

Color, real-time, 3D holographic displays with up to 12 inches of visual depth. The technology enables 360-degree viewing by a team of 20 people without 3D glasses or goggles.

Zebra Imaging has patented advances in lasers, optics and image processing that enable it to create vivid, lifelike holographic imagery from 3D digital data. Our process is designed to accept a wide array of source data digital file formats — including CAD models, laser scans and satellite imagery. We render the data into tens of thousands of component “Hogel” images that are recorded using laser light into a single portable, film-based hologram that can be viewed with a simple halogen or LED light source. When the hologram is illuminated, the light is reflected and controlled by hogels and combines and emerges from the hologram surface in the same way it would if a solid physical model were actually there.

Key features included

Some of the key features of our holographic digital prints include:

  • True 3D: No special eyewear is needed for enjoying a 360-degree viewing range.
  • Field proven: Over 8,000 images have been utilized by the US military overseas for visualization and defense planning applications.
  • Multiple copies: Unlike physical models, you can easily produce multiple “leave behinds” for clients, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Easy viewing: Illuminate the hologram with a simple halogen or LED light source, no special viewing equipment is required.
  • Portable and durable: Our holographic prints are easy to ship; the prints come with protective coatings for durability, and they can be marked on and rolled up and taken in the field.
  • Reliable archives: Our three-dimensional images are “version proof” and store flat, so you can refer to them years later — without the need for a computer or specific software.
  • Full-color or monochrome formats: Complex information can be displayed with brilliant detail, transparency and color — and feature greater accuracy than physical models.

Find out more on Zebra Imaging’s site here.

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