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The Copenhagen based architect group BIG won first place in a competition for a new entrance portal into the city of Stockholm.

The project called Stockholmsporten will be located in Hjulsta of northern Stockholm, where two highways (E18 and E4) meet and will be converged into a three level intersection. The super-junction will be built in a man-made valley to separate it from the neighborhoods and giving them more protection from sound pollution and other impacts of the highways.

The gigantic hovering sphere mirrors the surrounding landscape to create a 180 degrees view from below for the travelers. It will also be used to harness solar energy by having a surface covered with photo-voltaic film and will also be able to capture the power of the wind. This clean energy will heat the air which keeps the sphere hovering and also give power to 235 family houses.

Read what founder and partner of BIG, Bjarke Ingels said below:

“The project is a cross-over between urbanism, landscape, architecture, art and infrastructure into a new neighbourhood of stockholm. Harnessing the momentum of the massive investment in tunnels and highways and putting the excess excavation to use as a man-made valley, we create an interdisciplinary hybrid of logistic, economic, environmental and social infrastructure.”


(Via Ecofriend)