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Some kind of amazing übergeek has made one of the most epic infographics ever conceived by Man. By tracing the history of science fiction all the way back to its roots and following it through the history of emotions, philosophy, art and science the artist came up with this extraordinary piece called The History of Science Fiction.

“The History of Science Fiction” was a submission for an exhibition called Places & Spaces: Mapping Science Exhibit and unfortunately not much more is know about this piece or who has made it. It starts from the very beginning of time and visualizes the emotional impact of fear and Wonder, moves on to art, social critisism and philosophy and so on. There’s so much interesting information in this piece it’s going to take a long time finishing reading it but for all literature and science-fiction geeks out there it could almost serve as a nerd bible and should be stored next to your bed.

: The artist behind this amazing extravaganza is named Ward Shelley and you can check out his website here. See the infographic in megasize here.