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Is glass limited to simple applications as windows and cookware? Apparently not and according to the visions and technology of Corning, the leader in speciality glass and ceramics,  the future will be packed with glass-displays all over the place.

What used to be science fiction is slowly being translated into reality. The speciality glass company Corning aims to put glass touch displays everywhere: in your house, in your workplace and where you do your shopping.

They have manipulated glass at a molecular level to so it can take on countless capabilities. Their glass can make high speed communication possible through optical fiber and and turn solar energy into electricity.

But won’t glass brake easily you might think. There are many myths about glass and one of them being that glass would be fragile, which is totally understandable as we’ve all broken a glass or a window in our lives, but Cornings glass can withstand hurricane-force winds and severe hail storms. They have also manufactured glass products which can bend and be used as touch displays.

What do you think? Is Cornings vision of glass-displays everywhere something to strive for or a bit too much?

Watch their inspiring video “A Day Made of Glass” below:

(Via: io9)