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Photo by NASA

If you want something that usually doesn’t look very cool to look completely awesome, put it in a zero gravity environment. This is a fact. More or less. WE ARE REPLICANTS have found your daily dose of zero gravity videos.

1. Take this first video for example. Science officer Don Pettit demonstrates how the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) prepares and eats snacks in zero gravity, in this case a can of honey and some crackers.

(Watch the top nine below:)

2. Coffee is of course as important in space as it is here on earth and again, Science Officer Don Pettit demonstrates how to drink it in zero gravity. Zip Zip!

3. Here’s another “experiment” demonstrated by a Japanese astronaut where he tests a “flying carpet”. We’re not sure what he’s trying to prove but it probably was expensive.

4. Now this is interesting. A zero gravity water bubble, held in place by a metal wire + Alka Seltzer = Bubble war.

5. We imagined frogs would be more graceful in space. Let’s take this experiment a step further and put some rockets on his back. No?

6. Eating a banana in space is obviously so much more fun than here on Earth. The only thing that’s missing from this video is slow-motion and the soundtrack of The Blue Danube Walts by Strauss.

7. If you wanna experience zero gravity, you don’t have to go to space to do it. Many zero-gravity experiments are done on low gravity air crafts here on earth.NASA’s low gravity air crafts simulate the weightlessness by flying in a special parabola, you can compare it to a giant rollercoaster, going almost straight up and then straight down.

8. French comedian and skate enthusiast Vincent Desagnat attempting to skate on a Russian zero gravity flight while wearing a pink ballet tutu during the filming of French feature film Les 11 Commandements.

9. FACT: Pigeons can fly. FACT: Pigeons suck at flying in zero-gravity.

10. We finish this post with some cute cats trying to land on their feet in zero-gravity.


A group of lucky passengers on a Boeing B-727-200 parabolic-flight experiences zero-gravity.